13 Ways to Break Through the Clutter with July 4th Advertising

Long before the end of June, stores and businesses nationwide will be decked out in red, white and blue stripes and stars. Across the nation, people get ready for cookouts and fireworks; traditions that, throughout the years, have remained largely unchanged. Fireworks on July 4th in Austin, TXThe 4th of July is a huge holiday, not only for the nation to celebrate its independence, but for retailers as well; the entire month of July is known for mid-year sales and clearances. With preparation and planning, advertisers can make the most of this holiday that presents ample opportunity to announce seasonal clearances, as well as make room for the new season’s merchandise. But remember not to lose sight of your customers; think about what they want to accomplish over the holiday and help them find everything they need for the perfect 4th of July.

Online Advertising

  • Include a patriotic color theme in your advertisements, including red, white and blue, as well as stars, fireworks (and even Uncle Sam!) If you want your sales/promotions to be the main focus of the messaging, add your messaging in large red font.
  • Reference 4thof July and Independence day in your ad copy and email marketing. Some examples from 2010 include:
    • Fingerhut: Answer this 4th of July Trivia + Get a FREE Gift!‏
    • Banana Republic: Happy July! Take a fourth off sale items + free shipping.
    • Old Navy: Patriotic Styles As Low as $5! Go Fourth & Save!
  • Try targeting July 4th keywords through your pay-per-click campaigns. For some verticals it’s a chance to get ads in front of audiences searching for occasion-specific products/services. If you’re in the travel/tourism industry, this can be promoted over a month in advance to capture searches for 4th of July vacation ideas, hotel specials etc.
  • Utilize remarketing campaigns to promote your discounts and coupon codes to previous site visitors. This works especially well when offered to existing customers.
  • Consider partnering with Groupon or Living Social or any of these daily deal companies to offer discounts during this time and promote awareness of your products/services.

On Your Website/In-store

  • Get in the spirit – decorate your store and website with red, white and blue and create patriotic retail signs.
  • Add a banner to your homepage or design store signage to emphasize your sales, making sure to include the specific dates of your sale if applicable.
  • Highlight patriotic-themed products through banners and in-store displays
  • Highlight items your customers would need for theirJuly 4th events such as cookouts and party hosting, themed home decorating  etc. to help them find everything they need for the holiday. This also presents an opportunity to bundle/up-sell products.
  • Design a banner with your top clearance items. This is a great way to grab customers’ attention and promote your best deals.

Through Email/Social Media

  • Promote your discounts or coupons. This is particularly effective when marketing to existing customers.
  • Promote contests and giveaways with such things as 4th of July trivia quizzes – everyone loves free stuff and this is a great way to increase customer interaction.
  • Email your customers or post to your social accounts, 4th of July ideas such as where to watch the fireworks, upcoming parades and events in your area and even your favorite 4th of July recipes and barbecue tips – little things your customers might appreciate. This is also an opportunity to include suggestions for relevant products/services you offer.

Please also keep in mind your ad agencies when planning your promotions. This is a busy time of year for marketers and agencies so the more notice you give, the better they can plan for your 4th of July campaigns.

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