20% of Searches Haven’t Been Seen in the Last Month

According to a recent study by Searchignite, the need for a business to utilize paid search ads is ever present.  The study found that 20-25% of searches have not been seen within the last 30 days.  What this means is that in order to take advantage of these new search terms your business needs to have a quick and efficient way of driving traffic to your site using certain keywords.  PPC ads are a great avenue for taking advantage of these new searches.  Paid search ads also hold an advantage over organic rankings for sale items, as PPC ads can quickly be changed to accommodate free shipping offers, close-out prices or new product launches.

Search Query Reports (SQRs) will allow your business to see new trends – before others in your market become aware that the trend even exists.   The keywords in the SQR are searches that users are searching for relative to your product and industry, and if you’re lucky you can often capture lower than average cpcs long before others jump on board.  The SQR is also a great way to find long-tail keywords for your PPC account and also for your Search Engine Optimization efforts.

There are some places where natural search is a great weapon in your PPC arsenal.  For example, if your company has a well-known brand and infrequent price or product changes – search engine optimization can be a great idea for your business.  The cost savings for not paying per click – can be enormous, but it is often a long and tedious process to ensure you have the highest rankings.  It can also be a chore to ensure your rankings stay put at the top of the list while your competition is trying to achieve the same ranking you are.

In most cases, it’s good to have a healthy mix of both paid and organic listings for your products across a multitude of products.  Giving up one before the results are really in, is not a good idea and often if you look at data after you have both PPC and SEO working well together you will see the results are very lucrative.  In the aforementioned study – it was found that 12.6% of conversions credited to natural search were preceded by a paid ad click.  Attribution management hasn’t developed a compelling enough equation to show which click carries greater importance, but through the use of both PPC and SEO many businesses are able to increase their business many times over.