Mood Marketing?

Ad targeting is the key to getting your product or service in front of your core demographic and successfully driving qualified traffic to your website. It’s also a factor that makes online advertising more attractive than print and other advertising mediums. Currently, we have many targeting methods, including demographic, geographic, behavioral, and contextual, and many of these targeting strategies are now being used together, like geographic and behavioral, to send the right message at the right time to the right consumer base. What if marketers could also target users based on their current mood? Given status updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Google, it won’t be long before these updates are crawled to determine emotional states and tone inflections. Read more

Add Google’s +1 Button to Your Website

Great Day!! We have talked at length about the rapidly growing social media tool that is Google Plus. Rumor has it that Google is allowing a select few companies to begin building profiles. What if you aren’t one of these behemoth marketers? Start by adding a Google plus one button on your site so Google Plus users can begin to spread the word about your business.

In order to add the button to your site follow the instructions below. There are also a few helpful videos on YouTube. Read more

Myopic Foresight

What does the remainder of 2011 hold in store for us humbly enraptured internet peoples? Well, I’m no Miss Cleo but I do have a few inklings as to what kind of exciting and further reality shrouding online fun is on the horizon. Read more

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Neighborhood?

A social network for neighbors? At face value that may not sound all too interesting but think about it from a homeowner’s perspective: your dog is lost and you want to post some signage, you are planning a garage sale and want to get the word out, or you want to find out if the neighborhood hoodlums are connected to the recent trend in car break-ins. For these reasons, and many more, you can understand why YaTown could be really useful for those in need of a neighborhood forum or network. Read more

Google+ Growth

Recently, I have posted a few blogs regarding viral videos. Let’s face it, nowadays fads are all the rage and crazes are in vogue. There are new social media tools rolling off the brains of eager undergrads hoping to be the next Mark Z.

Coeds aren’t the only ones in this game. Very recently, Google unveiled its answer to Facebook: Google plus. In the coming weeks, a few of my colleagues will write extensively about plus and the benefits it could hold for advertisers. What we can say unequivocally today is one such benefit will be a large audience that will expound greatly across borders. Read more

Online Ad Spend on the Rise

Online advertising spend is continuing to grow and it shows no sign of ever slowing down. eMarketer forecasts that by 2015, total online ad spend in the US will be around a whopping $50 billion. Search and display ad dollars have seen solid growth over the last few years and the positive trends are only getting stronger. Video is the newest heavy hitter and it is increasing at a faster rate than all other online ad formats. Read more

Google+ for Businesses and Branding

I came across an article about how companies will begin using Google+ as a branding platform. “Google+ Brand Pages Coming in Two Weeks” addresses the question of when Google+ will follow in Facebook’s path and provide the opportunity for companies to promote their brands.

Currently, companies must apply to be a  part of Google’s testing phase for business pages. Similar to Facebook’s company pages, Google+ brand pages will be the primary source of advertising revenue for this new social media network. Read more