4 Huge Tactics To Get Clients To Walk Through The Door

The most important thing any business needs to do to survive is reach customers. Traditionally, this can mean cold calls, billboards, flyers, and a slew of other advertising means. However, inbound marketing allows businesses to create a web presence that encourages clients to seek out and make use of the company. Harnessing this ability can be difficult, so being aware of the options and goals of this type of marketing are vital to being effective.

Social Feeds

Social media is an amazing way to connect with clients immediately and intimately. Being able to post updates about your business and useful tidbits that would intrigue clients is a great way to connect with people and keep your name in the forefront of the customer’s mind. Moreover, your clients have a way to give praise and discuss concerns directly with you. As soon as they contact your business, you can reply and meet whatever needs they put forth, even if it’s just needing a thank you for a compliment.


Blogs are a great way to share your expertise with your clients. You have knowledge about your field that is both useful and powerful. When you give that information in a simple and accessible way, your clients will be able to take advantage of your knowledge and you’ll be establishing your company as an expert in the field. When it comes time to buy product or start a service, those clients will be drawn to you.


Though one of the most underutilized forms of inbound marketing, eBooks are a great way to find leads. In essence, an eBook is a source of information about something your clients want to know in depth. You can post the first page or two as a taste, then ask the client to download the eBook if they want to read the rest. In exchange for the download, you ask only for contact information. Every person who reads this free literature is someone who is interested in your company and someone you can reach out to.

Search Engines

For many people today, the first way they try to find a product or service is online. Making your company’s website appear on search engines is an absolute necessity to be found. There are many tactics that can accomplish this, but basically you want to create a site that has a significant amount of relevant content and keywords that people are likely to search for. You can also create a site map that helps search engines determine exactly what you offer and where it’s located.

Bringing customers to you is essential to thriving in today’s marketplace. Whether your company is a one person start up or a fortune 500, a social and content driven site will bring more people in. When you’re ready to see your leads and site visits increase, explore Leverage Marketing to see what they can do for you.

6 Of The Coolest New Things You Know You Don’t Need

Everyone says technology is racing forward at lightning speed, so it sometimes seems impossible to keep track of what gadgets are available. Every week it seems there are amazing things that no one’s ever heard of, and Leverage Marketing wants you to know the best gadgets available today.

Magic Wand Remote

So maybe “coolest” isn’t the right word for this gadget, but it’s pretty great nonetheless. Rather than using buttons, you can change the channel with a flick of the wrist. You can program up to 13 commands to whatever wrist movements you want, and even record shows with a swish of the arm. For Harry Potter fans or just the mystically inclined, this remote is a must-have.


This device is a simple bracelet that is tied to your smart phone. When you get a text, call, email, or social media alert, the bracelet will light up. Each different alert will manifest as a different color, so you know exactly what your network is doing. Whether your phone is buried in the bottom of your purse or hidden away in your pockets, you will immediately know that someone is trying to contact you and you can be sure you won’t miss any more calls.

Google Glass

Taking instant communication one step further, Google Glass puts your smart phone screen literally right in front of your face. The screen is held by an eyeglass-like set up so that the tiny screen is directly in front of the user’s eye. This project has been in the works for the past two years, and it looks like it will be launched toward the end of this year.

“I’m Here” GPS Tracker

With a GPS in almost every car and every pocket, it seems like the next logical step is to pack one in all those items we value the most. The “I’m Here” GPS Tracker is a small tracker that can be attached to anything – a piece of luggage, a dog’s collar, even a child’s shoe. In an emergency, your phone can show exactly where the tracker is and help you locate what’s been lost.

Vibrating Fork

Amazingly, this may be the newest weight loss sensation. Scientists and dieters alike are well aware that it takes 20 minutes for your body to realize it’s full. The vibrating fork will be able to tell you when you’re eating too fast, letting you slow down and give your body a chance to process the food.

If all this fails to amaze you, it may be time to use your brand new iPhone case to open a bottle of your favorite beverage. Showing Apple’s priorities are squarely in line with college men across the country, the newest case has a built in bottle opener. Keep checking Leverage Marketing to find more on the most exciting in tech, advertising, internet, and everything else that’s changing the world.