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Keep Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions with Local Austin Gyms & Shops

With every New Year that rolls around comes a long list of ways to improve ourselves. What typically tops most of everyone’s list is a commitment to health and a better lifestyle. “I want to lost X amount of pounds…I’m going to exercise at least 3 -4 times a week…I’m cutting out sugar” etc.


We all start off doing well, but as jobs, family, and friends make it challenging to fit that 30 minute work-out in the morning, we start forgetting our resolutions and fall back into skipping work-outs. Let 2015 be different by making realistic goals — don’t focus on the short-term and take a look at the bigger picture. And most importantly, what makes you happy. Instead of targeting a weight, trying focusing on a specific behavior. I.e. “I want to be able to run for 30 minutes straight.”


Austin has the reputation of being one of the fittest cities in the United States. What helps is that fortunately for us, we have unlimited resources that can help us achieve a healthier lifestyle. Not only do we have access to amazing facilities, nutritional stores, but even our restaurants have adapted to the gluten-intolerant, vegans, and dedicated to serving minimally processed and organic foods.


Here are our favorite Austin shops that will help bring in the New (and healthier) Year:



1. Austin Simply Fit

Austin Simply Fit isn’t just another gym in town. Their team is made up of dedicated trainers who help people achieve their fitness goals. Unlike conventional gyms, Austin Simply Fit is designed for one-on-one training — meaning everyone is working out with their trainer – no big crowds and where they focus on you and your goals.
Want to give it a try? Schedule a free consultation and the first work-out is free. Or try their Kickstarter program where you get weekly education on nutrition, weekly food log review with personalized tips, before and after body measurements, and a t-shirt.


2. Eastside Austin Elite Crossfit

Also another unconventional gym where they offer a variety of classes and training from mixed martial arts to Crossfit and yoga. Located on the east side, (and a new location opening up on Lamar) their gym is completely designed and fully equipped for the classes they offer. Sign-up on their website for a free week.


3. Rogue Running

Cardio, cardio, and cardio. Running clubs can be intimidating, but Rogue Running offers training for both beginners and marathon runners in addition to a shop that sells running shoes and gear. They also offer various events for education, public runs, and scavenger hunts.


4. Dance Austin Studio

Dane Austin Studio offers a unique dancing experience with a variety of classes that range from hip hop, the ever popular Zumba, and even learning how to dance in stilettos. They will be participating on free day of dance on January 3 where they invite the public to try out their adult classes (you have to register online to secure your spot).


5. Bicycle Sport Shop

Austin is a bike-friendly city with a huge cyclist community. With bike shops all over town, Bicycle Sport is definitely on the top of our list because of their customer service. They been serving the Austin cycling community since 1983, they offer tune-ups, events, gear, accessories, clothing, and of course every type of bike you can imagine. Not sure which bike you want? They also offer rentals.

Food & Nutrition

It’s no brainer that nutrition plays an important role in achieving a healthier lifestyle. Instead of temporarily eliminating something from your diet, focus on learning what and what not to eat.


1. Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen has grown with multiple locations now in Austin, Houston, and Dallas. At Snap Kitchen, you will find mostly organic, locally-sourced, and minimally processed food. They serve ready to go food and juices with now featuring a winter menu.


The most important thing to remember is to focus on you and what makes you happy. You’re going to have bad days but equally will have amazing days. Keep your head up and have an amazing 2015.