5 Digital Marketing Tools to Stay Ahead of the Game

There are a multitude of digital marketing tools out there to choose from. It can be time-consuming and daunting to evaluate all the options, but great tools are necessary to get the job done. The Leverage Marketing team has picked out some of our favorite tools in an effort to help you make the best choice and waste less valuable time when it comes to finding new tools for your company or marketing department. These tools are some of our favorites because they aren’t just passing fads. They’ve stood the test of time and will be around for a good while to help you be more competitive online.



Sococo is not just for digital marketing companies, but we had to include it because it’s one of our favorites. Sococo is a fantastic tool for most any company that has employees that work from home or are spread out over long distances. Sococo is a virtual office that keeps everyone connected at all times. Any employee can pop into someone else’s office at any time and have a chat – just as if you were in a physical office. Sococo is great for both internal and external meetings. Each employee has a designated office where they are able to make VoIP phone calls and share their screen with anyone who comes into their office. Each virtual office also contains conference rooms where several employees can meet, share screens and make conference calls to anywhere in the world if needed. It’s also extremely simple to invite clients or guests into your Sococo office simply by sending them a link. They won’t have to install or download anything to join a meeting in your virtual office. They will simply pop in and out.



Optmyzr is a great time-saving tool for paid search analysts, and our experts in the PPC department highly recommend it. Some of the key features include quality score tracking, report visualizations, an Adwords script library, and automation of routine Adwords optimizations.

Optmyzr helps our paid search team track items in Adwords that Adwords doesn’t keep historical records of and quickly finds insights into ad performance on specific dates and in specific regions. It also allows for efficient keyword optimization, and the script library simplifies the process for setup. Overall this tool is a must-have for its time-saving capabilities. It cuts down on repetitive tasks and gives the analyst more time for higher-level strategy.



Unbounce Digital Marketing Tool


















Unbounce is a landing page creation platform that allows marketers to efficiently create attractive and effective landing pages for multiple campaigns. It also allows you to A/B test multiple pages at once in order to optimize our pages to obtain the highest conversion rates and keep track of leads. They regularly host webinars and events, so it’s a great resource for a marketing team to have.




Moz is probably the most famous company for SEO tools, but there’s a reason for that. Moz tools are some of the obligatory weapons in our arsenal that help us keep an eye on the competition, and it’s one method we employ to help our clients get their competitive edge online. It’s also great for crawling sites to find broken pages, bad links and technical errors.



Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a small company out of the UK that created a tool called SEO Spider that is highly commended by our SEO analysts. Because this tool was created by analysts with years of experience in the field, it’s great for efficiently analyzing websites from an SEO perspective. Our team loves it for reviewing large websites that would take months to go through manually to check title tags, meta descriptions and find 404 errors, duplicate content and more. It’s also great for building a sitemap and checking for Google Tag Manager installation.


These are just a few of the great digital marketing tools Leverage uses to help our clients get ahead and to create more time for our talented staff so they can focus on strategy and creative campaigns. What are some of the great tools your team uses to stay ahead? Give them a shout out here!

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