6 Unique Ways to Use Video in Your Marketing

Scroll down your Facebook feed, catch up on Twitter, or rummage through Instagram, and you’ll notice immediately the use of video in marketing. Visit a major retailer or electronics developer’s website and you’re likely to stumble on how-to and explainer videos.

Why use video in marketing? Because leverage green computer with mock facebook on screen and videosopportunity exists to market your goods or services within those channels to customers who need and want them with a bit of clever video creation.

It’s no simple task to learn how to use video in marketing, but there are some rarely traveled avenues for video that your competitors probably haven’t explored yet. The following unique ways to use video in your marketing all require only a basic video setup with a microphone and some free space.

Attention-Grabbing GIFs

Animated GIFs don’t just have to come from your favorite TV shows and movies – you can shoot a custom video and turn it into an animation that will pull your website visitors’ attention immediately.

eric promotion highlight animation pointing at text to the leftUse GIFS to:

  • Draw attention to a CTA
  • Make an offer
  • Enhance branding
  • Inject personality

You can use GIFs on your website, in your emails, on social media, and in presentations. Just don’t overdo it – too many GIFs in inappropriate places will hinder your professional credibility. If you don’t have software like Adobe Photoshop to make custom GIFs, use Giphy’s GIF Maker to assemble your animations.

Video Email Signatures

Give prospects, business partners, and clients a chance to look through another entertaining and enlightening window into your business by adding a crafty signature video to your email signature block.


The video should exhibit your individual personality and include some elements of your work culture. There’s no one format, and you can film it anywhere at any time. Like most videos, keep it short – it should be fun for the viewer and heighten their goodwill and respect for your company.

Weekly Broadcasts

leverage purple computer showing weekly broadcast showWeekly, monthly, or even daily broadcasts uploaded to YouTube are beneficial to your SEO and can also be easily posted and shared through major social networks like Twitter and Facebook. If your site garners a healthy amount of traffic, you can also feature them on an exclusive part of your website and encourage visitors to register for other special content that you provide.

Assemble short videos to:

  • Display new products
  • Update customers on upcoming products
  • Announce new services
  • Provide industry tips

If you haven’t addressed them in a while, you can also just say hello to your audience. Your broadcasts are most likely to catch views if you share them on social media and encourage others to share as well. However, you can still get some traction by recording periodical videos to create a library of company news and events as well.

Interviews with Influencers

leverage green computer showing interview with influencer

Influencers hold phenomenal authority in the world of social media, which gives them the ability to direct customers to a product or service they deem worthy of their fans’ attention. If you’re using influencer marketing as part of your marketing plan, you’re already on the right track to reaching your target audience and bringing your product or service to the people that are currently looking for it.


Influencers and video both currently dominate social media. Combine these trends to multiply the results of your efforts.

Broadcast and record live chats and interviews with influencers about your product. Do it question-and-answer style or just spend some time thanking an influencer for his or her endorsement and reinforcing the reasons that your product or service is worthy of attention from influencers and their followers. You can then turn your live videos into exceptional testimonials for your website.

Unscripted Testimonials

leverage purple computer showing video testimonialVideo testimonials exist scarcely in the deep recesses of the Internet – but that’s not because they aren’t effective. Text-and-photo testimonials still dominate because they are easy to make and post. But by employing only a small amount of additional effort, you can collect a few video testimonials that will tell more than text ever could.

Coordinate with happy customers and offer them an incentive if they don’t seem to have time to fit you in. A one-off free service or product offering is an incredible price for a video testimonial. Prepare a short list of questions to ask to get organic responses and provide the list to the customer beforehand.

Try some of the following questions:

  • What do you like about our product or service?
  • Can you tell me a story about a time when our product or service helped you or your business?
  • Why do you plan to continue to buy or use our product or service?

Bring customers or clients in for a shoot (don’t forget to ask them their name and company while recording), send them on their way, then do a quick edit for a 30-second testimonial and you’ll capture a new level of trust from your audience.

Offline Customer Service

leverage green computer with hammer and wood showing offline service videosCustomer service representatives often have a script from which they read to help customers solve their problems. Save your customer service team some time and eliminate the troubleshooting script with a video or series of videos that attempts to show customers and clients how to solve basic problems without human guidance.

Draw from an available Frequently Asked Questions database or start collecting information from your customer service department. Then draw out a script with step-by-step instructions on how to fix problems. Give the videos a single, cohesive format and brand them so your customers know that it’s your company that cares enough to give them a hand solving their problems.

Get creative with your videos, and no matter how you’re doing them, make sure:

  • Your brand is clear
  • Your actors are recurring
  • Your video fulfills a need
  • Your video’s content has not been done before

Follow content marketing best practices (provide useful information, don’t manipulate your audience, etc.) when creating and sharing videos to increase their power. When executed correctly, videos can enhance almost every part of your digital marketing strategy. Try to find new ways to integrate video into multiple marketing channels at once to take your brand or company to the top – fast!

Leverage knows video marketing. We stay up to the minute on video trends to keep our skills sharp and share information with trusted readers and clients like you. Stay afloat in the video information flow by signing up for our newsletter today. It’s easy, free, and loaded with marketing magic.

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  1. Claire Noble
    Claire Noble says:

    Thanks for these great tips, Eric. I am always on the search for more inspiration to create and use video. I love the idea of using a video in an email signature. I literally never thought of that and I am excited to try it. I love how video has become such a flexible and accessible piece of content to use in marketing. It seems like there are endless ways to make an impact with it. I currently do live broadcasts with Facebook Live about once a month. I think next month I’ll do an influencer interview like you said here. I am also seeing great results with branding videos on social. I found a pretty handy tool called, slide.ly/promo, to make them (I like it because it includes footage) and I try to post them once a week. I like using branding videos as it helps me flex my creative muscles and really express my brand personality. People seem to be liking them a lot, too. Anyways, thanks for this great article and ideas.

    • Eric Ysasi
      Eric Ysasi says:

      Hi Claire,

      That’s awesome that you enjoyed our tips for using video in marketing. Our email signature video was shot by our COO, Matt, and features our Social Media Manager, Thy. It’s one of a bunch of new video ideas we’ve been trying, and we’re astounded, too, at how versatile video content can be. I’d love to hear more about your branding videos for social and how well they’re doing – maybe making videos like those could even become tip number seven! It sounds like you’re already down the road to video success, and we wish you the best of luck as you continue to push the boundaries of video marketing!

  2. Rohit
    Rohit says:

    Thanks for such an informative article, now my biggest concern is the cost of the video. It seems that most of the professional videos are quite expensive and for a small agency like ours. This cost does matter. What are the easy to make video tools that you would recommend us to get things going affordably?

    • Eric Ysasi
      Eric Ysasi says:


      Getting started with video is certainly an investment. I would recommend starting with a smartphone camera that records video to keep costs low. Make your own tripod with a stand, a table, and some books, and use the smartphone’s front camera to record yourself and watch the footage as it records.

      You may also be interested in some free or low-cost teleprompter apps for smartphones. They scroll text on your screen while still allowing you to see your shot. YouTube stars use these apps often to keep themselves on-topic.

      If you don’t have a smartphone available, start with an affordable still camera and a tripod that does NOT have a fluid head (a head that allows you to pan and tilt). It’s the most basic setup and will allow you to shoot footage without movement for basic videos.

      Go get ’em!

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