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Digital Marketing Goes Mainstream

Usually, I don’t need much in terms of persuasion when it comes to digital marketing’s impact on the Big Picture. Be it the technology strata, the business community, or its social impact, digital marketing is, without a doubt, an integral – I’ll go as far as to say essential – part in each of those […]

How We Track Marketing Attribution & Revenue

When it comes to seeing the positive results of your efforts, I think I’m no different than most worker bees. Like the chef who churns out an evening’s worth of top-of-the-line food for his or her hungry patrons, the sales team who lands that big, sought after client, or the carpenter whose long hours and […]

Digital Claims Victory in 2016 Election

While it’s hard to put an exact date on it, there’s no doubt we’re now in the throes of the 2016 presidential election race. Over the course of the last month-plus, candidates from both political parties have, officially or otherwise – thrown their hats into the ring. Heck. Some can argue that the race began […]

When Social Media Hits Home

Usually, I use the space here at “The Real Deal” to offer my two cents about matters of the digital marketing strata, be they new trends, business strategies, or experiences I’ve had navigating the waters of this industry both prior to and here at Leverage marketing.   Right now, though, I’m going to reach out […]