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What Is the Future of Google Search?

As long as Google’s goal continues to be to build a better internet, we can expect integration with the latest technologies, faster and friendlier experiences across devices, and relevant content fast. How will they do it? We have a few ideas.

Can Google Read Text in Images?

After thoughtful experimentation, we have come to believe that Google reads text in images based on evidence that Google experiments with artificial intelligence and is able to rank graphics with text. Find out what we did to reach our conclusions.

What Does an SEO Analyst Do for You?

SEOs prepare your website for indexing and improve its rankings by poring over the wealth of data available through analytical tools. Then they draw conclusions, brainstorm ideas for improvement, and implement those ideas.

Should I Use a Website Builder?

Website builders are do-it-yourself interfaces for quickly assembling professional-looking websites without the need to know HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. They work well for small businesses, but become obsolete as you grow. Find out more!