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Keyword (Not Provided) – Adapting to the World of Google Secure Search

September 2013 was a big month for Google. Marking their 15th Anniversary, Google announced the major algorithm update Hummingbird, which will no doubt expand Google’s ability to parse search and lead to more exciting capabilities in the future. While Google upgraded their algorithm, they downgraded the data webmasters can see in Google Analytics. Specifically, the […]

6 Of The Coolest New Things You Know You Don’t Need

Everyone says technology is racing forward at lightning speed, so it sometimes seems impossible to keep track of what gadgets are available. Every week it seems there are amazing things that no one’s ever heard of, and Leverage Marketing wants you to know the best gadgets available today. Magic Wand Remote So maybe “coolest” isn’t […]

Infographic: Cross Industry PPC Statistics

Online marketing has become massively more competitive and sophisticated over the past few years. This has come about not merely through the introduction of social and the proliferation of mobile, but through the increased integration of all of these elements and an improved understanding of how these elements behave. A recent study released by iProspect […]

Search Companion Marketing – the New Tool in your Belt

Search marketing has been tweaked, tested, and examined through a lens over the years. It can be argued that every new idea for reaching users has been found. Nope. Search Companion Marketing is the newest AdWords tool rolling out of the Google Labs. Search Companion Marketing targets users who search for your designated keywords by […]

5 Adwords Features That You Need to Use

“If you aren’t using these features, you should be.…. We explain the how, the why, and provide some food for thought“ Remarketing: This feature is designed to recapture and convert prospects who have previously visited a website and allows you to recapture them with targeted advertisements. You benefit from being able to market to a […]

The Boom in Search Technology

The boom happened before the birth of the iPhone, but it leapt into astronomical figures after 2007. Mobile internet began its quest for supremacy and never looked back.  With the ascent of various tablets and further advanced devices, mobile internet devices and ISPs have increased their reach to provide customers with more access. Status updates, online purchases, […]

Back To Basics – SEO Content Writing

Say farewell to the days of keyword stuffing and to text that reads poorly.  2012 has been a year of cleaning up for Google.  In the wake of these updates, we find ourselves revisiting our SEO campaigns to make sure that our SEO content writing strategies we have in place for our clients don’t cause […]

Congressional District Targeting

Election season is in full swing in preparation for November, and politicians are pulling out all of the stops. No matter what party line you may follow, we can all agree Americans are bombarded with campaign ads and political information. It may be hard for voters to distinguish which local candidates fall within their congressional […]