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Helping the Garden Grow – Published by Yahoo Seach Marketing


How our Ad Profiling Program Can Help Your Keyword Performance
Think of your Yahoo! Search Marketing account as a garden — without careful maintenance, it can grow wild. The wilder it grows, the more difficult it is to maintain. Our goal here at Yahoo! Search Marketing is to lend a hand in the garden, which is […]

The Smart Way To See Your Own Ads In Google AdWords

Users of AdWords almost all universally suffer from the drive to see their own ads – just to make sure they’re there. However, “googling” yourself can actually damage the performance of your account over time because it gives Google the wrong idea about your ads. Imagine if everyone in a small company with 15 employees […]

Why Does Your Coding Platform Matter?

Because our team consists of a mixture of marketers, analysts and programmers, we debate almost daily about the merits and drawbacks of one type of web platform over another and whether or not really good PPC or off-page SEO can make up for poor development and design. Then we ran across this case-study…

Bringing Home the Bacon – Yahoo Search Marketing

Three tips to muster, monitor and maintain your conversions
In the offline world, a “conversion” could happen in the metric system, the adoption of a new religion or an exchange of currency. But for search marketing advertisers, a conversion is a completed transaction event on a website. Apart from the most obvious conversion—a customer completes a […]

Where’d My Ad Go? – Yahoo Search Marketing

Why your ads may disappear, and how to give them more time in the spotlight
You’ve probably felt a certain thump of pride when you do a search on your product and see your ad pop up in the Sponsored Results.
But at other times, you might have experienced a “where did it go?” moment. This occurs […]

Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

High gas prices could pump up your site traffic and sales
With the cost of gas climbing and consumers looking to save money by driving less, introducing new targeted ads could not only save consumers some gas but also fuel a lot of additional sales for online advertisers this summer.
More and more consumers are looking to […]