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Biggest User Experience Stumbling Blocks on Ecommerce Sites

Designing an ecommerce user experience that pleases the customer is difficult. Besides creating a pleasing ecommerce layout design, you want to craft a seamless experience from landing page to purchase. These are some of the common failings ecommerce sites fall into–and you should attempt to avoid. By focusing on your ecommerce UX and avoiding stumbling blocks, you can succeed where others have failed.

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Limited and Missing Product Info, Pictures

Website users want clear-cut, straightforward information. They want ample details the explains what your product is and how it will help them. Your ecommerce site should have multiple pictures of each of your product from various angles, presented in an exciting way. Don’t use stock images either; customers prefer images you’ve created or photographs that were taken expressly for your product.

Lack of Mobile Optimization

It’s impossible to ignore mobile–it’s growing and becoming a larger segment of ecommerce activity each year. People shop from their phones and tablets even more, especially around the holidays. Your ecommerce website should be responsive and easy-to-use on mobile, with large buttons and a simple checkout process.

Long or Confusing Checkout Process

A prompt checkout process in integral to the success of your ecommerce site. If your checkout takes too long and isn’t smooth, it can dissuade buyers and lead to abandoned carts. A one-page checkout, with multiple options for payment–including the option to sign in with Google, Amazon, or PayPal can increase your conversion–and success.

Bad Site Search

You hopefully already have a site search function for your ecommerce site–but how well does it work? It should include filters and advanced functionality to help your customers find what they need. Give them options to search by category or feature. Purchasing and enabling quality software will enable this.

Missing or Hidden Contact Information

This piece of advice is simple–don’t hide your contact information. You should provide multiple forms of contact: phone, email, chat; whatever works for your ecommerce website. The more expensive the items you’re selling are, the more easily reachable you should be. Place this information prominently in your header or footer and include easy links to a contact us page.

Lack of Engaging Content: Videos, Etc.

To create a successful ecommerce site, you need to engage your buyers. That means creating exciting content for them to watch or read, including videos, infographics, case studies, and more about your products. Your content should enhance the user experience, explain your products, and reinforce why your company is right for the customer.

Poor or Hidden Social Sharing Buttons

Social media is a vital aspect of ecommerce–and ignoring it can be the downfall of any ecommerce site. A successful ecommerce site allows customers to share items they wish to or have purchased. Social sharing can result in additional conversions–and by making this process easy, you can increase your web presence as well.

Creating a seamless user experience for your ecommerce customers is the key to your success.  Avoiding these pitfalls and focusing on ecommerce UX design will ensure your product shines and customers return to your site and recommend you to others. By following these ecommerce UX best practices, you can see increased conversions and higher revenue over time.

If you’re looking for some help with your ecommerce site, Leverage is here for you. We have experience working with ecommerce businesses and can tailor an approach for your company. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

Reuven Shechter

Reuven Shechter

Digital Content Specialist at Leverage Marketing
Reuven is a content specialist at Leverage Marketing in Austin, TX. After graduating from Washington University in St. Louis with his B.A. in English and Women and Gender Studies, Reuven spent some time in I.T. before moving to Austin and starting his career in content marketing. When he’s not working, Reuven cooks, takes his dog all over Austin, reads voraciously, and is an avid watcher of odd TV
Reuven Shechter
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