Cars, Monkeys and Cheese…That’s What I saw during the Super Bowl.

Last night along with millions of others I watched the Superbowl (sort of), mainly the ads.  I was hoping for something exciting and interesting and quite frankly I didn’t get what I wanted – (except for – those little monkeys in the parking lot had me thinking of our parking situation here at Leverage Marketing).  Most of the ads to me were just meh, but weighed in on the Winners and the Losers of the SuperBowl.

Apparently Chrysler – (the ad with Eminem and not the cartoon Eminem) had the highest buzz.  I must say I thought it was interesting, but I still favor a different car commercial over any other car commercial lately.

All in all – I think that most of these companies should have saved their $$$ and done lots of branding online through image ads and other online branding efforts. I’m just not sure that a one time ad shown to an audience that was probably comprised of a bunch of buzzed people  was worth it.

What do you think?