Coca-Cola: 275,000 miles, 186 countries and 365 days

I read an interesting article, “Coca-Cola Wraps Largest Social Media Project Ever,” where Natalie Zmuda describes the massive efforts of the Expedition 206 with Coca-Cola’s “happiness ambassadors” major worldwide expedition. To be exact, these three “ambassadors” traveled more than 275,000 miles, 186 countries over 365 days to complete Coca-Cola’s social media project.

The ambassadors were provided with video cameras, smartphones, and other gadgets to complete their quest in countries where Coca-Cola is marketed and sold. This expedition was essentially in “search for happiness.” The journey was covered by the Website, along with many social media platforms including Twitter, YouTube and Facebook and made a whopping 650 million media impressions, not to mention interacting with billions of people worldwide.

The global efforts were managed primarily by an Atlanta team, but required much efforts from other teams. Many of these markets were introduced into the social media and digital realms for the first time. Furthermore, the program had to stress the significance of being “locally relevant” to different markets around the globe.

This was quite a feat in my opinion, even for a major corporation like Coca-Cola! To read more about this social media journey, visit

Furthermore, I think this shows that now more than ever it is important to engage and interact with people, instead of sending them a message. But, the tricky part is figuring out what consumers feel is worthy of their time and attention.

What do y’all think?