Consumers Want Mobile Websites, But Only 5% of Businesses Have One

Mobile is really picking up steam and many businesses are unsure what to do about it.  My thoughts are shaped in part by an article from eMarketer – Consumers to Retailers: Improve Your Mobile Sites. According to this study, more than half of consumers are more likely to purchase from a retailer with a mobile site – and a good mobile site.
This is especially relevant as more consumers this year are or are planning to use their mobile phones to shop during this holiday season. According to a study included in this article, 51% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from retailers that have a mobile site, but fewer than 5% of retailers actually have a mobile site.

Many retailers are also making the mistake of too flash-heavy sites which do not translate to mobile use. According to the article, with m-commerce and mobile shoppers on the rise, retailers are faced with the need to create a user-friendly mobile site or lose to their competitors that have one.