Content and SEO: How They Work Together

Two variables that work very closely together in digital marketing are SEO, search engine optimization, and content marketing. The difference between the two is found in the definition and goals of each. SEO is the technical process used to increase traffic to websites and engage the maximum number of visitors to the website from search engine results. Content marketing refers to writing intelligent and relevant content to drive consumer readership and action. Similar to the relationship between SEO and paid search, SEO and content writing must directly work together to have strong results.

While different in its strategy, SEO still depends on content marketing to be successful. Every website needs compelling words, trustworthy articles, and captivating content for the SEO team to optimize. Without a strong SEO team, your content won’t be as visible and, consequently, won’t attract much traffic. An effective digital marketing campaign needs an SEO and content team that works closely together to develop quality content, driving it to the top of the search results.

Better Together

SEO and content teams should communicate constantly. Like a pitcher without its catcher, an SEO team without a content department has a hard time winning. Without the fusion of these two teams, it’s more difficult to create effective digital marketing campaigns. You need a close-knit team— one directly depends on the other for success. So, get your teams together to communicate and collaborate, and you’ll be on the way to a record strikeout season.

The job of the SEO team is to find the best strategies for driving engagement to increase search engine results. The content team’s job is to integrate these strategies into trustworthy and original content to attract the highest search engine results. Articles containing fresh ideas with new and dependable information rank higher than articles with repetition and errors. Search engine optimization won’t be effective without a strong content writer to create original content to improve search results. An integrated content and SEO team will be able to quickly improve results with content containing targeted keywords and tools for search engine optimization.

Keywords’ Connection to Content  

The technical side of SEO includes researching and analyzing keywords. Keywords are the words users type into a search engine to find relevant results. Finding relevant keywords and integrating them into your content is imperative to have articles rank higher on search engine results pages. It’s important that the SEO team gives these keywords to the content writers so they can write engaging content relevant to high-ranking keywords for optimized results.

Keyword research won’t be beneficial if it’s not included in your content. Researching keywords is great for SEO, but won’t help optimization if they aren’t embedded into your content. Therefore, writing a content piece without knowing the audience or goal won’t bring much traffic. Content is most effective when written with keywords researched by the SEO team. Drive high search results and optimized search engine campaigns by including keywords in unique and original content writing. 

Where to Write Keywords

Once the SEO team evaluates what keywords to use, the content writers need to integrate them as frequently and naturally as possible throughout the page. The main keywords should be written in both parts of the copy, the header section, and the body section. The headers of a webpage are hidden in the pages’ HTML and are read first by search engines, making it a critical place to include keywords to improve SEO.

The heading section is important to both content and SEO as they need to work together to ensure their headers bring the highest search results. The header section tells the search engines what the page is about, resulting in the need for expertly written keywords. Since users typically click on a page that has the information they’re looking for, it’s important to clearly state the goal of the page using keywords in the heading and first portion of body copy. Content writers should put keywords and the most important information in the headers and first paragraphs of their copy when writing to improve SEO.

One of the best ways to organically grow digital marketing campaigns is through search engine optimization. Optimize your content by giving writers keywords and guidance to create the most informative and relative content. Implement keywords and vital information in the headings and first paragraphs of the body copy to help search engines find your page easier. The more frequent, natural, and close to the top of the page your keywords are, the more impactful they are at increasing your search results. Your search engine results are sure to shoot to the top of the page when your SEO and content teams work closely together.

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