Conversion Data for Google AdWords Ad Extensions Now Live

The world of Pay-Per-Click is constantly releasing new improvements to help enhance campaign reporting and analysis. The most recent release from Google, however, is one PPC professionals have been requesting for quite some time – conversion tracking metrics for Google AdWords Ad Extensions. With this new release, Account Administrators can now analyze conversion data for Sitelink, Product, Social, Call & Location extensions within the AdWords interface.

In the past, Ad Extension data has been limited to basic metrics such as Clicks, Impressions, CTR, etc. With the conversion metric implementation, however, advertisers are able to determine how target audiences engage with the various Ad Extensions, how often conversions occur, cost per conversion and much more. Although this data is a great way to evaluate extension performance, the information is limited in regards to Sitelinks. As it stands, Sitelink conversion data is compiled for all links in the campaign leaving no way to differentiate between which Sitelink is performing best.

At this point we’re excited to see and share what new developments the conversion data will provide Google AdWords campaigns. Stay up to date with your Account Manager or continue visiting our blog for more information as it becomes available.

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