Email Marketing

Watch your step when you get up, because Leverage Marketing is about to drop some top notch email marketing services!

Our email marketing specialists have been buzzing around our office to make sure our email program is in shape so we can keep you in the hive with what goes on around here at Leverage. It’s been a proven efficient technique that we’ve been perfecting since our beginnings. Now, for the first time we are bringing this program to you — our privileged customers.

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to stay in touch with your customers — whether you’re trying to up sell a customer or get them to make a purchase, an email campaign keeps your company top-of-mind. It is a more effective means of marketing your products and services compared to other advertising techniques. While your budget may be getting cut across other channels, you should be increasing your budget for email marketing. Email drives a high ROI and the results are measurable.

According to Stephanie Miller, vice president of strategic services at Return Path, there are excellent opportunities for email marketers during recessions.

“Due to its high ROI, executives are actually paying attention to email marketing. It’s up to us to rise to this occasion, and dissuade everyone else from thinking of email as a cheap alternative. Email has proven its ability to sell, engage and build loyalty,” said Miller in a recent article for Email Insider.

Leverage Marketing is not only able to create, build and implement email marketing campaigns, we can also look at the email marketing you’ve done in the past and make suggestions on how to improve. We can help you keep your customers engaged with your products and services. Think of us as your nimble email marketing consultants. We will help you execute a campaign to drive traffic and increase sales, and we offer customizable packages can tailor to your budget.

According to an email report by the Direct Marketing Association, in October 2008 the ROI for email marketing was $45.06 per dollar spent, while non-email marketing had a $19.94 ROI per dollar spent. What does this mean for you? For us, that’s at least five extra Starbucks coffees for our caffeine addicted employees.

If you haven’t already started gathering names for email lists or started emailing that list you already have, now is the time to start. Contact us today to learn more.