Facebook worth $50B today, $36.2B Three Months Ago

News surfaced today that Goldman Sachs and a previously unnamed investor (Digital Sky Technologies – also an investor in Groupon) invested $500 million in Facebook.  This puts the worth of Facebook at $50 billion!  Three months ago the value was only $36.2B.

To put this all in perspective Google’s Market Cap was $193.26B today and Yahoo’s Market cap for the day was $21.83B. Microsoft’s Market Cap is $239B today, but keep in mind MSFT owns the world.

For now, what this means for Facebook is really a legal battle and possible sanctions by the Securities and Exchange Commission for some creative investment vehicles possibly being offered by Goldman Sachs for investment in Facebook.  For Google what this means is a formidable opponent in the land of search – with enough money and enough friends to possibly deal Google a sizable blow to its advertising bottom line.

Watch and learn more here – https://www.youtube.com/user/PBSNewsHour#p/u/3/KHLSf3qMCSk