[VIDEO] Facebook’s 2016 Algorithm Change & What it Means for Businesses

This blog post was written by social media intern Ali Flowers. Ali is a Senior at the University of Texas at Austin, where she studies Public Relations. Ali enjoys good food, good friends, and spending time with her family.

Facebook’s Algorithm Update Removes Company’s Non-Sponsored Posts From Newsfeeds

At the end of June, Facebook made an update to their Newsfeed algorithm. The intent of the update was to make user newsfeeds less cluttered by removing the majority of posts made by businesses. While keeping in touch with friends and family just got less cluttered, Facebook users could be missing out on updates and posts by businesses they like, follow and want to hear from.

Why Did Facebook do This?

While Facebook does support the businesses that use its network as a marketing platform, the company recognizes that first and foremost, it is a social media tool for individuals. This new algorithm also falls in line with the evolving “pay to play” trend in social media which requires companies to sponsor content to be seen.

How Can Interested Parties See Your Non-Sponsored Posts?

Since most businesses won’t promote/sponsor every post on their page, Facebook offers a way for individuals to opt-in to receive posts from businesses they choose.

This video shows what your followers need to do to see posts from your business.

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