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Recently, I have posted a few blogs regarding viral videos. Let’s face it, nowadays fads are all the rage and crazes are in vogue. There are new social media tools rolling off the brains of eager undergrads hoping to be the next Mark Z.

Coeds aren’t the only ones in this game. Very recently, Google unveiled its answer to Facebook: Google plus. In the coming weeks, a few of my colleagues will write extensively about plus and the benefits it could hold for advertisers. What we can say unequivocally today is one such benefit will be a large audience that will expound greatly across borders.

Paul Allen, founder of had some startling number regarding the growth of plus last week alone. Allen is quoted as saying, “preliminary calculations suggest that since Monday July 4th, Google+ users have grown by 2.8x, that is from 1.7 million to 4.7 million.”

This kind of growth is startling!! Many advertisers are choosing to keep a close eye on this new medium and watch to pounce on whatever opportunity presents itself. I see a creative opportunity here. Currently, Google plus is relatively void of other advertisers. Now is the time to get in and create a niche for your business before the amount of advertisers booms like users.

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