Google Introduces Caffeine, What This Means For Advertising and SEO

Search giant Google has officially launched it’s new search index called Caffeine. Which is perhaps a very appropriate name considering it updates Google’s search index 50% faster than previous efforts. When we use Google to search for anything on the internet, we are not actually presented with the most recent information, instead we are presented with a history of the web that is stored in Google’s index. Previously this index was updated about twice a month which was, for all intents and purposes, fast enough. However, as the web continues to expand exponentially and content is updated more and more frequently, this time frame does not match the immediacy necessary for finding information.

In steps Caffeine. Promising to deliver fresher results by continuously feeding new pages and updates to existing ones into the company’s database, this new upgrade will yield some unexpected results. One such result is online advertising.

With fresher online information as a result of the new caffeinated algorithm, advertisers will be able to place their ads and information next to much more relevant and timely results. This is a major advantage to advertising with Google and will certainly send more business their way.

By improving the indexing system, this will undoubtedly raise the bar for search engine optimization as well. With the new system, it is possible that a site that had previously held the top 10 positions for years could slip considerably, requiring a revamping of it’s SEO efforts. By contrast, a website that has been toiling away creating unique content consistently using SEO best practices should start to see significant increases in the range and volume of monthly referrers from Google.

It will be interesting to see how the landscape of the web changes as Google continues to shape the way we receive information.