HTML 5 and SEO

HTML and SEO not automatically two things that you think about together , but certainly two things that you should start to think of as more interconnected.

The web is built from semantics. This means that websites are, you guessed it – built off semantics.

Here is a brief article about HTML and it’s effect on SEO’s future. Great article that is straightforward.

I’d like to add a few more things:

  • – HTML 5 has a XML like syntax. This structure could make search engine friendliness easier than ever. Think about this one for a bit. Are you familiar with sitemaps? They are built off XML (collective ah-ha)
  • – There is a new Header tag, semantically (There’s that word again!) equivalent to a H1, which could contain big blocks of texts. In this header tag, you can have H1, H2, H3 elements, paragraphs, hard-coded links (WIN!)
  • – The new section element, “article,” to me seems like a no brainer. A tag that will actually HELP make Google more aware of the content on your page!

-TJ Walsh