I Usually Like My Ban(d)s to Play Music!

Apparently Google, who usually pride themselves on open source and a lack of censorship have banned certain words from Google Instant.

What are these words you ask? Well CNN via Mashable via 2600 has a rundown of some of the words which include “bisexual”, “lesbian” and “butt”.  If you attempt to type any of the listed terms into Google –  Google’s new Instant Search will stop delivering new results – forcing a user to finish typing and press enter to see search results. The algorithm that blocks these terms for Google Instant also blocks these terms within Google Suggest as well.

Google’s intent is to block previous offensive searches to pop up for users who are searching more “innocent” terms.

This safe block on Google Instant search, however, has the potential to offend activist groups. A Google representative maintains that they are working to fully improve the system.