Introducing Google’s Knowledge Graph

Do you find yourself staring blankly at the Google Search results not wanting to waste precious time by clicking on the wrong result? Do you find yourself praying that Google will magically pick a link and provide the right information for you? You’re on Google after all; anything should be possible for the search giant. Google should be able to understand each query and deliver the most relevant results, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if Google could identify the actual context of your query? Take the Taj Mahal, for example. When conducting a search for Taj Mahal, are we looking for Trump Taj Mal Casino & Resort, the awesome blues musician or the famed mausoleum? Google should be able to anticipate the most relevant results and now, Google can.

Welcome to the Knowledge Graph

In an effort to make Google Search even more convenient for users, Google has recently debuted Knowledge Graph, a small sidebar to the right of the search results. Knowledge Graph supplies users with a quick snapshot of popular information related to queries based on relevant information provided by the vast and ever growing Google knowledgebase. A majority of information is delivered by popular websites such as Wikipedia & CIA World Factbook – some Knowledge Graph results should be taken with a grain of salt.

What Do We Learn With Knowledge Graph?

With Knowledge Graph, Google users now have the ability to find information related to their search query in one easy location. Information such as facts, maps, song lists and events are readily available depending on the nature of the query. One fun aspect of the Knowledge Graph can keep users on Google for an extended period of time, however. Similar to Amazon’s “people who bought this also bought” section, Knowledge Graph also makes recommendations. Recommendations on information pertaining to celebrities, movies, books and event artists are provided based on common searches performed after the initial search.

Google: The Next Generation

As Google’s new Knowledge Graph feature continues to roll out across the US, Google Engineers are hoping this advancement will move Google closer to building a “Star Trek computer.” Although it appears the Star Trek computer is a few years away, we’re glad to reap the benefits of Knowledge Graph as it exists today.

Has Knowledge Graph rolled out to your area? Do you think a Star Trek computer is a possibility? Let us know in the comments below!

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