How Important Is Landing Page Optimization?

Landing Page Heat MapIf your company relies on generating leads or selling products online, landing page optimization (LPO) is essential to your success. Depending on the size of your company, you could be losing thousands to millions of dollars a year due to something as miniscule as the text on your call to action button. Let’s take a look at some of the factors on your landing page that could boost your customer conversion rate between 20%-300%.

CTA Placement – 300% Conversion Increase

The placement of your call to action is a great starting point for landing page optimization. Does your CTA stand out? Should you place your CTA above or below the fold of the page? The truth is this greatly depends on the product or service you’re selling. People are used to scrolling down a page. Sometimes a product or service requires a greater commitment from a potential customer, and more information is necessary to make a decision. Downloading a free e-book is one thing while reserving an exotic vacation is another. Who books a trip to a resort in Indonesia without any information? Placing a CTA at the top of a landing page that requires the customer to make a more informed decision can result in a higher bounce rate than necessary.

Layout & Design – 84% Conversion Increase

The layout and design of your landing page is crucial. Is it too cluttered? Is there enough empty space surrounding your call to action? Creating stark contrast to divide the sections of your landing page is helpful to your future client by increasing the readability of the page and making your intentions clear. Where does your attention go when you look at your landing page for the first 5 seconds? Ask an uninvolved colleague, or even better, your mother, to look at your page for 5 seconds and then hide it. He or she should be able to tell you what the page is about and where the CTA is located.

CTA Copy – 58% Conversion Increase

Does your call to action button say “SUBMIT”? Hopefully not. When a potential customer is faced with the decision “to click or not to click” they shouldn’t have any doubt about what will happen next. Any doubt about this can cause people to bounce at the last minute. As clear as you think your CTA might be, it probably isn’t as clear to others. After they “submit” their information, will they be able to download something? Be enrolled in a newsletter or other subscription service? Your CTA should reflect what a person has come to your page to achieve. An example of effective CTA button copy is: “Download My Free e-Book Now.”

Landing Page Optimization = Higher ROI for PPC

A perfectly optimized landing page will have a direct message match between your PPC ad and the landing page that it’s connected to. If people think that they were misguided by your advertising, they will bounce ASAP. You’ve broken their trust right off the bat. People have many choices online, and they’re in a hurry. Disqualifying your page is easy. Don’t betray people with your advertising. A headline that delivers exactly what the ad promises is a wise choice.

How do we know what works?

A/B testing. A/B testing involves a control landing page and a variable landing page running at the same time. The variable page should contain one small change such as a new CTA or a new headline. Only test one page element at a time to be sure which variable is causing an increase or decrease in conversion. A change as simple as the color of your CTA button could mean an increased conversion rate of 21%!

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