LinkedIn is Going Public

$2 Billion BUCKS

That is how much LinkedIn will probably be valued at according to various media outlets.

I am a fan of LinkedIn, as I don’t get a lot of spam and I can decline lots of invites if I don’t know the person requesting my ‘friendship’.

  • 41% of its revenue presently comes from job-related products that help companies search for potential employees;
  • 32% comes from ad sales; and…
  • 27% comes from paid subscriptions.

It is interesting to note that LM uses LinkedIn for filling open positions and also for ads.  I am not a paid subscriber as I do not personally find that piece very compelling.  Apparently LinkedIn has plans to become the next Amazon or the next Google.  It is interesting that these plans do not include becoming the next Groupon or Facebook; names that many may find more familiar than LinkedIn.

Apparently LinkedIn made a profit in 2010, but is expected to have a loss in 2011.  I wonder how many of the professional users of the site, will put money into the company whenever we are able to buy in?  Will you?  Do you think that LinkedIn will stand out among Groupon, Facebook and Google?