Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

High gas prices could pump up your site traffic and sales

Pumping gasWith the cost of gas climbing and consumers looking to save money by driving less, introducing new targeted ads could not only save consumers some gas but also fuel a lot of additional sales for online advertisers this summer.

More and more consumers are looking to take the pedal off the metal and avoid getting behind the wheel when possible. According to a recent study by the National Retail Federation, 40% of Americans say they’re driving less due to high gas prices, and only one in ten respondents said they planned to travel for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday.

Where You—and Your Ads—Come in
Decreased fuel consumption may make gas station owners frown, but it could bring a smile to the faces of online business owners, whose products all of a sudden may have greater appeal to consumers looking to eliminate unnecessary shopping trips during the current gas crunch. To reach these frustrated drivers, consider creating new campaigns with ads that specifically point out where you have the gas-guzzling alternatives beat.

For example, sites that sell home theater equipment or cooking supplies might consider writing ads that stress the savings and ease of watching movies or eating meals at home, as opposed to in theaters or restaurants.

Additionally, sites for local attractions, such as hotels, festivals or fun vacation spots, should consider geo-targeted campaigns that display their listings to users searching from within the city or state of the business. A resort in Palm Springs, California might want to target users in Southern California who would normally drive hundreds of miles to their vacation destination. By presenting themselves as an affordable alternative to expensive drives or flights, advertisers can court a local audience that they may not have been able to tap into previously.

Even non-local sites can appeal to price-conscious consumers: Rental car companies can create ads that tout gas-conserving cars to appeal to travelers who want to hit the open road without getting slapped at the pump.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to fill up your campaigns with some high-octane ads.

— Noah Belson, Content Quality Analyst, Yahoo SM

Photo courtesy of via Flickr