Marketing in a Down Economy

“Focus on the intersection between what you do best and what your customers want the most.  Relationships outlast transactions.”  This is a quote that I took away from watching a clip recently on Fox Business News – How to Market in a Down Economy.

A concise statement that many might pass off as commonsense, but raises the question: Does everyone involved in making sure your business is a success, including Leverage Marketing, know what makes your business the best and do they also relay that information to the customer?

For example, if your business is securing hotel rooms for leisure travelers – what makes your business the best?  Why should I as a leisure traveler choose your hotel booking services over another service?  You may say because my prices are the lowest and all hotel rooms are guaranteed.  Sold – this is what I want the most – the lowest price and obviously to not find upon arrival that I have been bumped because a guest decided not to check out of your hotel at the last minute.

Does your web page effectively speak to your customers needs while highlighting what it is that your business can do to meet their needs?

Going back to our example, does your landing page tell me that rooms are guaranteed or do I have to search in your websites’ Terms and Conditions to find this information?  What about if I actually do find a lower price, how easy do the instructions make it for me to contact you and make sure I receive the lowest price guarantee?

Finally, when a prospective customer contacts your business for assistance are they met with someone who is enthusiastic and will go the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction?  When customers contact your business are their inquiries responded to promptly and professionally?

In our example, I may want to contact your business before booking online to ensure that I can pay with Discover upon completion of my stay.  Will I be met with someone who is pleased to find out the answer and call me back or will I be met with someone exhibiting traits a tad less desirable and annoyed that I called?

Hopefully the questions above will help you remember to focus on “what you do best and what your customers want the most,” not only during the downturn in the economy but also when economic times get better.  Please remember that Pay Per Click Management services at Leverage Marketing include landing page optimization suggestions and we look forward to assisting you with ensuring that your business is focusing on “what you do best and what your customers want the most.”