New Google Adwords Phishing Email- All Beware!

Their is a new Google Adwords Phishing email that is going round with the following link address:

Here is what the basis of the email is:


Your Google Adwords Account has stopped running this morning.

Some of the ads have stopped running today (Thursday, 17 December

2009, 06:30:00). We had encountered a number of problems with some of

our servers that crashed this morning and at this time we cannot check to see what

customer accounts are now running 100%.

Click <>  here to confirm

that your account is up and running 100% at this time.

Please verify <>  the

status of  your ads and notify us if you see any problems.

Please note: if you do not verify <>  the status of your

account and notify us if your ads do not appear online, we cannot help you.

If you ever receive an email that is requesting any personal information from Google, always be cautious.  There are plug-ins and alerts all over the internet that will inform you of the latest attempts.  Here is a great link to a tool that will alert you of Phishing links:

While its great to be alerted of all changes in your account, always be sure of the messenger!!