Offer Extensions and Communication Extensions

Offer Extensions and Communication Extensions are two of Google’s latest beta products to roll out this year. Google hopes to simplify the search experience for users as well as the advertisers that currently use Google AdWords.

Let’s go over what these extensions are and how they could potentially boost your business.

Offer Extensions

Offer Extensions is the latest feature which allows current advertisers to expand their existing ads in AdWords. In addition to the standard four line ads, Offer Extensions allow an additional line (60 characters) of text to advertise redeemable offers such as, coupons, discounts, rebates and more.  Google monitors the quality of your offer by requiring an expiration date and exclusivity. The offer must have a limited availability by having a set number of offers available or requiring redemption codes or coupons.

Example of Offer Extension:example of offer extension in Google AdWords

There are two types of Offer Extensions:

  1. Online redemption: If a user clicks the “View offer” link in an ad, they’re taken to an advertiser’s offer page (with offer redemption details) on their website. For example, if a user clicks an offer extension promoting 20% off green lava lamps, they’ll be taken to a page of the advertiser’s website featuring a redemption code or redemption option for 20% off green lava lamps.
  2. In-store redemption: Once a user has clicked the “View offer” link in an ad, they’ll be taken to a Google hosted landing page where they can view the offer and either print it or save it online (to their “My Offers” page at for in-store use.

Offers Extensions allow advertisers to engage their customers during their search process and provide relevant promotions targeted to the right customers. This feature is great for ecommerce clients that want to increase their sales and want to see direct results. Furthermore, the extension grants advertisers a way to track the performance of their promotions and their ROI by providing metrics such as the number of clicks, coupons downloaded and printed, etc.

Communication Extensions

The other extension that Google is offering is the Communication Extensions, which allows advertisers to gain information about potential leads. The extension provides an extra line where customers can input their telephone numbers or e-mail addresses to notify the business that they are interested. The business is able to customize the text ad and action message.

Examples of these action messages are: be contacted by this business, make an appointment, request a quote, request consultation, or get more info. Since the extension is still in the beta phase, advertisers have the opportunity to gain leads, raise ROI and enhance existing ads for free. If advertisers are unsatisfied or choose to end this feature they may contact their account manager and easily opt-out.

Google requires that advertisers link to their privacy policies so that the user’s private information collected through the Communication Extension will be protected. Google hopes to remain a credible source of information by protecting their users and providing the most relevant information.

Examples of Communication Extensions:example communication extensions in AdWords

Interested in any of these extensions? Contact your Leverage Marketing Account Rep. and get started today!

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