Online Ad Spend on the Rise

Online advertising spend is continuing to grow and it shows no sign of ever slowing down. eMarketer forecasts that by 2015, total online ad spend in the US will be around a whopping $50 billion. Search and display ad dollars have seen solid growth over the last few years and the positive trends are only getting stronger. Video is the newest heavy hitter and it is increasing at a faster rate than all other online ad formats.

As if you don’t already know, this online marketing thing seems to be working. This information underscores the importance of capitalizing on the auspicious vastness of the internet to get the most out of your return on advertising spend. As technology becomes more advanced, the internet will become even more pervasive and accessible, opening up market segments that would otherwise cost a fortune to target. Eventually, people will start to trust and rely on search engines more than their peers, and you’re seriously missing out if your business doesn’t have some stock in one of those 180 x 150 rectangles.