Online Branding With Social Media

twitter_iconfacebook_iconPersonal branding and online reputation management are important aspects to helping build your company and its internet presence. Having many social media profiles for your company, whether it be Facebook or Twitter, and having them all linked together for increased automation will also help build customer relationships.  Utilizing these social profiles to create an online personality for your company that people can connect with will give you that extra advantage over your competitors and help build trust.

Trust is a very hard entity to develop in the online world. Despite this difficulty, trust is much more valuable to a business than being able to sell a consumer quick by not earning their trust. If a company can provide valuable information to consumers through social networks and blogs, they will want to repeatedly buy from them again and again instead of just a one-time sell. When a person is genuinely helped by this relevant information, and that rapport is built, it gives them more of an incentive to hit that buy now button or pick up the phone and order something.

Utilizing all of these widely available social tools will help you to build your brand, build trust with potential customers, and create awareness in the community that automatically makes your company an expert in its field. Being able to harness all of these online tools and social media hotspots to help build your reputation can be very beneficial to your business, but it can also backfire on you as well. Bad news always travels faster than good news, and the same is even more prevalent on the internet today. If you come off as a scam artist or your company is on, you are instantly recognized as someone who is just trying to steal people’s money. This negativity always spreads faster than the good things you have done for people’s businesses online. This is also why Leverage Marketing offers online reputation management (ORM as we call it) as a service to our clients. We realize not every business online is s scam, and the ones that aren’t, we help them to build their brand back and channel away some of that negative press they might be receiving.

When it comes down to it, branding yourself or your company online is such a powerful, modern tool, that you would almost be losing money if you didn’t do it. Businesses many years ago did not have the marketing power that we have today, and we can use this to our advantage by using the power of the internet to accomplish new goals.