Millions in added Revenue

Case Study


A vacation property management in a coastal area had been struggling with uneven online performance. The company had been able to grow to more than $40,000,000 in revenue, however, their performance was unpredictable and ROI was unmeasured. They were falling behind their online competitors. Worse, they had little confidence that increased online marketing spending would result in an increase in bookings.

Solutions put in place:

  • Improved quality score substantially
  • Expanded paid search retargeting efforts
  • Pursued advanced bid optimizations
  • Based bidding strategies on lifetime value data


After pursuing these paid search tactics, the property management firm achieved a 24% reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA), a 32% increase in bookings and a reduction in online marketing spend by 15%. All of this was done in the face of increased competition. We were able to break past the plateau they had seen in paid search and pursue strategies that afforded them millions of additional dollars in revenue.