Infographic: Cross Industry PPC Statistics

Online marketing has become massively more competitive and sophisticated over the past few years. This has come about not merely through the introduction of social and the proliferation of mobile, but through the increased integration of all of these elements and an improved understanding of how these elements behave.

A recent study released by iProspect in 2010 states that the likelihood of a site visit increases by 91% when Organic Search and Paid Search results are on the same page. This suggests that beyond just running an Adwords campaign for paid conversions, a smart marketing campaign will leverage both organic and paid to play off one another and increase brand recognition.

Below, our PPC infographic expands upon this concept, providing PPC statistics regarding the cost per click (CPC) trends for  a number of important industries. Read on below and leave a comment with your thoughts on what direction your industry should take or where you see online marketing going in general.

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