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It’s often said that “nobody likes a braggart,” but I have to admit, they’re often fun to listen to.


Hello I am Genius nametagMore often than not, a lot of braggarts – most notably athletes –write checks with their mouths that their asses can’t cash.* In the 60s, Mohammad Ali turned bragging into an art form: whether he won or lost, his pre and post-bout rants have become the stuff of sports legend, with future generations in pretty much all sports following his lead.


And usually badly at that, I have to add. If Ali was the Beatles of trash talking, today’s boxers, with very few exceptions, are the equivalent of Nickelback**.


From our sales staff to our creative team to our technical crew, Leverage Marketing is made up of nothing short of Ali-esque players, all superstars in their field and not a B-team player in the bunch. This is a boast I gladly put out there to everyone from prospective clients to colleagues within the industry to acquaintances wondering what it is that I do on the Internets.


To me, it’s not bragging, nor is it arrogant: it’s what I like to call “justifiable confidence.” The Leverage team has proven, time and time again, they can come through for our clients’ online marketing needs and, more often than not, exceed their expectations.


Not too long ago, for example, we took on a property management company with more than 2,000 commercial buildings in their care. Despite growing $40 million in pre-Leverage revenue and operating with a $500,000 marketing budget before we assumed the reins, their-then online performance was hit and miss, and they found themselves lagging behind their competition in terms of bookings.


Our response to their lack of marketing results – which included retargeting, bid optimization, and focusing on improving the amount of their online spending while increasing their bookings – resulted in growth by leaps and bounds. Over the course of 12 months, the property management company brought their costs per acquisition down 24 percent, their online spend decreased by 15 percent, and saw a 32 percent increase in online bookings. These internet marketing results are hardly small potatoes.


In 2014, the property managers are expecting to see their profits continue to grow based on the programs we implemented. They’ve also rededicated themselves to effective online marketing as a whole thanks to The Leverage Way: this year, they have committed to an additional 50% increase in their online marketing budget.


Admittedly, this is an example and these are numbers that roll off my tongue without hesitation when asked of recent digital marketing success stories as of late. Yet our successes with and for the property management company is just one of many, and is the foundation for my “justifiable confidence.” Add our second-to-none all-star roster and the hard work and enthusiasm they bring to each project into the mix, and I have plenty to boast about on a regular basis.


Basically, I can put my money where my mouth is without question or reservation, which is something a lot of business folk in most any field can’t do. And that’s an awesome feeling.***



* “Pro Wrestlers” and  “Reality TV contestants” don’t factor into my above hypotheses.  In fact, they really don’t factor into anything.

** Or, for those of a certain age, Milli Vanilli. Or CCR without John Fogerty, if we have to go back farther

*** “Nya-nya-na-nya-nya.”


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