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Bob Kehoe grilling kabobs on faulty grillThis past week, I was staying at a rented house in Austin. Whenever I rent a house in the city of our company headquarters, I like to have the core Leverage team over for dinner.  I consider myself a pretty good cook, and I got my bragging rights from cooking alongside Emeril Lagasse on his show “Emeril Green.” Through my experience, I’ve become fairly proficient at cooking for large groups. I have some go-to recipes I can cook blindfolded that please a majority of the crowd the majority of time. At the rental house, I found something a little alarming: the grill there was made by the same company that makes vacuums. As anyone who cooks frequently will tell you, the degree of difficulty goes up an order of magnitude when not using your own equipment, especially shoddy equipment. I certainly missed my grill while cooking up that dinner.

At home, I’ve got a Weber and there’s a couple big reasons why. Weber has been making grills for decades and makes a quality product.  Growing up, we had a Weber in the backyard that was used frequently.  I remember many a time battling with my brother over who had dibs on the next burger off that grill. When it came time for me to buy a grill, I didn’t hesitate to buy a Weber, and I’m glad I did.  I purchased my Weber grill in 2005, and it has not let me down in all this time.  In fact, the original igniter still works after only one push.

How Companies that Backed into Grilling and Search Don’t Make the Mark

Fast forward to the dinner I cooked for my team at the rented house.  I decided to make shish kebabs for everyone on a grill made by a company that backed into grill making. This company does not specialize in grills and actually doesn’t specialize in anything at all – rather it seems like they’ve made a point of manufacturing everything. Overall, that grill turned what is normally a very enjoyable process for me into an epic battle of man vs. grill. Trying to get the grill hotter while shifting the kebabs over to the only minuscule part of the grill that generated any heat was not fun in the least.

After getting home to the Weber, I started thinking about how their continued focus on making the best grill possible is how they’ve achieved success. It also got me thinking about Leverage and what our company’s specialty is, where our roots are, and where we’re heading. Since our beginnings in 2006, we’ve focused on providing the best search services possible using our PPC experts and SEO specialists. We’ve honed in on this service as our specialty, and we are very proud of the services we offer today which are all connected to search.

Just like making a quality grill, being good at search requires it to be in your DNA. You can’t just add “Digital Marketing” to your company name or say, “We can do that too!” and all of sudden become good at search. We’ve seen it time and time again; companies who offer creative services, web design or traditional marketing often try to sell their clients SEO or PPC as an add on. The problem is offering SEO or PPC is just another thing for them to sell. These companies often try to keep the client focused on the shiny things while glossing over the hard numbers that are able to be monitored through search advertising.

These design agencies or development firms often provide the illusion of search advertising, promising a number of links or clicks per month, and when they achieve those benchmarks, they’re done working for the month. While these benchmarks may be tangible, do they really equate to a return on your marketing investments? As search engine marketing specialists, through the course of working on a search campaign with our clients, we go deeper than our fair-weather competitors because search is in our DNA. We’re well-versed in this ever-changing industry, and we strive to achieve the best results possible based on our clients’ business goals. Our SEO and PPC marketing experts have years of experience, certifications and knowledge to back it up too.

The bottom line is that making grills has been Weber’s specialty since the beginning. If Weber decided to start selling meat to cook on my grill, I’d probably be more than a little suspicious as to the quality and source of that steak, just as you should be wary of creative agencies and development firms tacking on SEO or PPC services.

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