Reasons To be on Facebook

To Make Connections

Facebook just reached 300 million active users and nearly half of these users check their pages daily. This means that your business’s page has an extremely high chance of being seen and interacted with daily. If your company takes the time to network, constantly reaches out to interested parties, and becomes part of the discussion, Facebook will become a successful marketing venue. Facebook is a place to make connections with your current users and potential customers, inevitably growing your business.

To Increase Business

Due to recent changes in marketing tracking and Facebook’s partnership with Nielsen, companies can now track how successful their Facebook efforts have been on a ROI level. It now goes beyond how many people have “fanned” your company, to showing exactly how these fans have impacted growth. Moreover, simply creating a new online presence in the fastest growing social media network shows that you understand what people want, and know what is currently engaging your customers’ attention.

To Manage Your Reputation

Immersing your company in the depths of Facebook discussions puts your organization on the same level as its customers. If you give them a direct connection with your brand, you are more likely to answer questions and correct falsities that arise before they hit the blogs. Facebook fan pages are a new platform to manage crisis and reach your company’s publics quickly and efficiently.

Fan Pages are Public

Facebook “pages” are more suited to businesses than group pages or people profiles and could help your company build another online presence. The fan pages were produced to give companies the optimal communication outlet and allow their customers to “fan” them- showing everyone a connection to the brand and opening a discussion. Pages are indexed by Google and can be searched and viewed by non-Facebook members, giving non-members the option to view your page. Mass messages can be sent to all fans, and any update to your profile is shown on your fans’ News Feed. The presence of your fan page can spread virally, reaching people and getting them involved.

To Get People Excited

Facebook is a relatively blank canvas for your company to experiment and explore. Page options like adding pictures, links, applications, videos, discussion boards, reviews, and company information, will engage your fans. The more you add and interact with the page, the more the fan is reminded of your brand and the hip things you are doing for it. Facebook can aid your company in generating buzz- In a lot of ways it does your PR grunt work for you. While no social media network encourages straight self-promotion, there is room to promote new products and sales offers.

– Leverage Marketing Team