Recent Google Online Advertising Spend

AdAge  recently had an interesting article regarding some large company’s recent online advertising spend with Google.

The article points out BP as an example in the power (especially regarding online reputation management) of Google online advertising. Before the spill, according to AdAge, BP was “only” spending around $57,000. After the spill, however, BP spent millions each month quickly becoming one of Google’s top advertisers. Ultimately, as we all know, Google is fast becoming the main information outlet for Americans with many more people likely to search, view and read news and information on the internet before television.

The article goes on to analyze overall spend within Google. Although the advertisers seen above spent millions in June alone, these only make up for just 5% of Google’s revenue in that same month – there are thousands of other small advertisers that are the long tail, those that help make up Google’s $23 billion in global annual revenue.