SEO – Web Page Titles

One of the first steps in optimizing a site for SEO is writing relevant page titles. The page title is put into an HTML tag in your page’s source code.


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Every page should have a unique page title that accurately describes what the content refers to. The best way to begin choosing a page title is to decipher which keywords correctly describe what the page is about.

Since these will be the keywords that users search for to navigate to your site, you want to be sure you’ve attached the best keyword choices to the most appropriate pages. When writing a page title, remember, it’s not just a place to stuff keywords. Make the title like a newspaper headline, catching and interesting, something that sums up the entire page in a glance. The first 62-68 characters of your title is the first thing people see in Google when you show up in a Search Engine Result Page (SERP). You can write a longer title with related keywords, but make sure the first 60 or so have sales text — text that convinces the person searching that you are the solution to their query. If you have too many characters, Google will put a “…” at the end. Even if they use an ellipsis, (…) the words that aren’t displayed will still be valued in the rankings.