Social Media Lessons from ‘Waiting’

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This weekend I had occasion to revisit one of my favorite movies ‘Waiting’.  While ‘Waiting’ in my opinion is a great commentary on why you should eat at home more often – Mashable just posted a great article focused on three social media lessons taken from the Restaurant world. The lessons are as follows:

Play to your strengths. Companies like Chipotle and Pizza hut have introduced iPhone apps that let you order food on them. This enhances the core strength of fast food: it’s convenient. Should Ruth’s Chris put out this sort of app? No. but Ruth’s Chris, Pizza Hut, and Chipotle all understand their strengths, and they’re using social media to play to them.

Solve old problems. Food trucks are great. Just great. But often it’s hard to know where they’re going to post up next. A couple of food trucks have found a way around this: the Tweet their locations every day. It’s a simple, elegant way to solve a problem.

Answer the big question. Madden’s Casual Gourmet frequently rotates it’s menu, so they use an email list to keep regulars updated on what’s coming up. It builds loyalty and anticipation, and it’s complete free.

– John Veron