Traffic Retargeting: How to Win Back Business Online

We all have had a situation in our lives where we could have a “do-over”.  Maybe we said the wrong thing, maybe we didn’t say enough, maybe we understood too little too late.  We have all been in this situation before and wished for another opportunity, another chance to really show what we can offer…well in the world of online marketing you can with retargeting.

Retargeting (aka re-marketing or re-messaging) is the process of “cookie-ing” visitors that leave your conversion funnel by serving them specific ads related to the same product, usually with a sales offer of sorts.  The use of re-targeting can be a powerful tool to bring back those visitors into your conversion funnel.  The reason that this is such a powerful tool is that you are focusing efforts on traffic that has shown a very high interest in your products, taken all the steps except purchasing.  Bringing them back with re-targeting through effective messaging and offers can result in higher conversion rates.

How can you start a re-targeting campaign?  There are ad networks such as the Yahoo Display Network, Quigo (AOL’s platform) and Fetchback.  Each engine will have different ways of re-targeting your traffic and pricing.  If you have any questions about re-targeting or how this can help your online efforts, do not hesitate to contact our team at any time.