Google Adwords has released a Beta User Interface

Google has been working on a new User Interface. It has been in a limited beta for the past few months, but keep an eye out for it because over the rest of this week they will be rolling it out to everybody.

The first thing you will notice is that it looks a lot like Google Analytics. They took the concept of the Account Snapshot and put it on most pages. The other thing you will notice is that they tried to incorporate many of the features from the Adwords Editor.

They have included a new help section and it includes top help subjects that corresponds to what you are looking at. It also has a help search box on every page. In the past all you had was a link to the help page.

The features that I like the most are the ones that allow you to make changes without refreshing the page. Just by clicking on a bid you can make a change. Once you hit “ok” the change is made.  You can copy ads to different campaigns. You can also check the box next to an ad and click “More Options” and “Copy” and a box will come up with a list of campaigns and ad groups to copy it to.

The biggest change is that they have streamlined the entire process. You now have fewer clicks to get to many of the things you do regularly. And you can easily hide the boxes on the left to make more room on the main page.

Remember this is a Beta and there might still be some bugs. And once you get used to the new layout and how things work, you’ll be able to get things done a lot faster.