How to Get More Out of Your Marketing Team on a Budget

Maybe you’re considering incorporating another marketing tactic into your company’s arsenal, or you wish you could launch one more campaign for the next season…but your current team is already stretched too thin. Project calendars are loaded and your staff barely has time to eat lunch. If only you could hire one more team member to add to your marketing department, but the budget is tight. What to do? Here are a few tips to get your team back on track in no time and boost conversion rates without feeling overworked:

Minimize repetitive work, maximize brain power

brain-powerThere are so many platforms you can utilize to make your team more efficient, and budget doesn’t have to be an issue. Project management tools such as Teamwork, Mavenlink and Basecamp will speed up workflow and increase communication without breaking the bank. Password manager tools can also be a time-saver. Secure tools such as LastPass store your team’s passwords for all your different platforms and so that no one ever has to waste time digging for a forgotten password again. There are also a wealth of other tools available to help automate paid search bids, social media posts and ad campaigns, and reporting. Read more about some of the digital marketing tools that make our team more efficient. Your team doesn’t need to waste time on repetitive activities. Let the tools do the robotic work while your team utilizes their creative and strategic powers.

Outsource some marketing activities, accomplish more

outsource marketing to boost output

Outsourcing can be a great help when it comes to managing a certain marketing skill your team may lack. It’s also the ideal solution for getting projects done during your busiest seasons. This way the company only pays to get work done when it is needed and doesn’t have to pay an extra salary plus benefits during slow times.

By outsourcing, I’m not referring to shipping the work overseas to someone you may never communicate with or who may not even speak English. I mean finding an agency team that will act as though they were an extension of your own team, just not in the same building. We call this a satellite team, learn more about that here.

Ask the team for feedback, find your groove

Ask team members what makes them the most productive. Some people may feel hindered by a working style or environment imposed upon them. It may be possible that some of your team members could be more productive if they had more alone time to focus, while others may prefer a collaborative environment or group work. Also, some may be more productive on a slightly different schedule. Flexible schedules or working at home to address family matters or household issues provides a clear head and peace of mind to concentrate on work. It’s also possible that some employees may be able to take on more work with a flexible schedule.

Lastly, it’s a good idea to take an anonymous survey to get feedback from your team about how they feel in their work environment and the work load in addition to talking to them face to face. You may get a slightly different idea of what is needed and then draw your conclusions from both the survey and your face to face talks.