Upcoming Google AdWords Feature Changes

Two features that you may have used in Google AdWords are being phased out this summer. Google has been running a pay-per-action (PPA) feature as a beta test for several months now, but Google announced that it’s being phased out. Since Google acquired DoubleClick, the PPA feature was deemed redundant. It also lacked certain features that could be more effectively presented in robust affiliate program. The Google Affiliate Network (which used to be DoubleClick Performics Affiliate) is the designated replacement for the pay-per-action campaigns.

Google is also doing away with its Cross-Channel Tracking feature, which gave you a means to track ad campaigns from other engines. This function can be handled more smoothly using Google Analytics. Most used found the cross-channel tracking too cumbersome to use correctly. With the recent beef-up of Google Analytics, Google’s giving away a lot of very stout features for free in this package, which now includes the ability to separate out and track all your paid ad traffic.