Go Double Platinum: Attracting Qualified Leads to Your Site

The Real Deal with Bob Kehoe


Here’s a little quiz for that music fan in your life:

Question: What do Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk, Bob Dylan’s Self Portrait, U2’s Rattle and Hum and Stevie Wonder’s Journey through the Secret Life of Plants all have in common?

Answer: They were all double albums.

For casual music listeners born after, say, 1990, double albums were collections of all-new recordings that took up two vinyl records.  If you’re still confused, ask your parents. Or a hipster.

Another trait the above-mentioned albums share comes from more of a critical vein: each of these albums left most music fans and critics scratching their heads. It’s easy for even the most casual rock and pop fans to name landmark double album sets (The Beatles’ self-titled ‘White Album’, London Calling by The Clash, and Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti immediately come to mind here), but Tusk, Portrait, and the others first mentioned have gone down in musical history as albums in desperate need of editors.

While there’s a lot of quality to be found on those four double discs, taking a lessor song or two off each of the four sides could very well have made for another Rumours or Joshua Tree.

Web Traffic without Leads Is Like An Album That Lacks Hits

Think of website traffic as a digital equivalent of sorts to the overstuffed double albums from back in the day.

For many businesses just dipping their toes into online marketing, an early indication of success may be the number of views their website pages accumulate over a period of time.  Those measuring the success of their site on this metric alone may be ecstatic at first should their traffic reach or exceed their initial expectations.

But if these views don’t lead to conversions and bring in revenue, the high quantity of visits doesn’t add up to anything substantial. There may be one or two highlights of note, as in the lackluster double album sets mentioned above, but there’s not much to show in light of the quantity of hits recorded.

How To Bring in Pre-Qualified Traffic

To attract qualified leads to your site, you and your marketing team should be prepared to roll up your sleeves, as there are a few ways to sort out the casual viewer from the potential customer.

One way to attract serious shoppers to your site is with well-constructed and high-quality blogging. B2B marketers who write blogs receive two thirds as many leads as those who don’t, and both B2B and B2C marketers who prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to enjoy positive ROI. Doing SEO research and incorporating the results into your blogging strategy is essential to attracting readers that are pre-qualified.

Another way to attract customers is to shine a light on past clientele: reintroduce yourself to satisfied customers and encourage them to share your information with their peers. This will increase your exposure and brand trust, since 92% of shoppers value recommendations from friends and family over all forms of ads.

Researching your target clientele and coming up with specific buyer personas can also help you get more qualified leads. Casting a wide net may increase your traffic, but approaching and concentrating on a niche that is likely to seek your business out can do wonders for your revenue stream which, unlike the number of page views, can be taken to the bank.

Beware of Agencies that Only Promise Traffic

Remember to focus on the quality of leads rather than the quantity. If a marketing company is promising high traffic without focusing on any other metrics, this is a classic case of buyer beware. There are plenty of agencies out there who tout success based on the number of page visits their clients’ sites receive, but these are merely boys compared to the men. Leverage Marketing focuses on attracting traffic that results in sales, not just views.

In the end, you – as well as your digital marketing team – want to have a London Calling. At Leverage, we have never settled for Tusk.