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Teeing Off for Success – Internet Marketing Strategies

I, like many, take golf seriously. Teeing off for marketing success

During the summer, a set of clubs can always be found in my trunk, and weather forecasts during scheduled business trips in warmer climate locales are monitored well in advance for even a remote chance of getting 18 holes in. I’ve owned copies of “Caddyshack” on VHS, DVD and Blu-Ray, and in many bonus and anniversary editions.

Lastly  – and big surprise here to those who know me  – I have drunk out of a golf bag-shaped beer mug after a day on the links (and depending on the company I’m keeping, I’ve hoisted a couple of them before the first tee-off).

I like to think, over the years, I’ve acquired some semblance of knowledge about golfing worth passing on, be it learned by experience or advice from other fellow golfers:

  • Your most important shot is your next one. There’s nothing you can do about your last one except learn from it. The smart golfer moves on and concentrates on what’s in front of him or her.
  • The green is the key. Pretty much any jamoke can nudge the green off the tee that would make Rory Mcllroy and Inbee Park envious, but how you fare on the green can determine your success – or lack of it – at the end of the day. Average a shot or two on the green? Chances are you’ll walk away happy.
  • Having an educated, working knowledge of golf, both physically and mentally, and consistently executing that working knowledge, makes for a successful golfer in the long term, be they at PGA level or weekend regulars.

Interestingly enough, all these golf theories also apply to our effective online marketing strategies here at Leverage.

Like the lucky duck who surprises themselves and fellow golfers by landing inches from the green off the tee, there’s many a digital marketing company whose strategy knocks out a 350-yard shot for their clients based on a buzz word or a momentary trend. This, though, is not something to base your relationship with your client or the future of your company as a whole around.

Here at Leverage, our digital marketing strategy is that we identify the most valuable keywords or keyword phrases that are deemed most valuable to your company for the best return on your website. Then we develop an internet marketing strategy that focuses around those words or phrases.

We incorporate long-proven, successful formulas and data that supports what both our clients are looking for on their site and consumers are looking for from the client on their laptop, pad, or PC. Our process isn’t based on a guess. It’s based on years of concepts and trials created and tested before they are executed on our clients’ behalf.

While the likes of Mcllroy’s and Inbee’s place as present day golf superstars is proven and secure, they, no doubt, continue to incorporate new philosophies and practices to continue growing as athletes.

This also rings true for us: our internet marketing success comes from our strategies that have made many a client proud, but we too, pride ourselves on continued evolution.

And that’s always something worthy of a toast from me and my golf bag mug.

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