The Beast Grows Driving Abilities

So if you haven’t seen Google Beast you should – quite frightening in time for Halloween.

One of the latest things to make it out from under the wraps of the beast is that Google developed a process/software/robots/whoknowswhat to drive cars!!!

What this means is one day my dream may come true and I may never have to drive again! I can leave my worries at home and have a nice little robot zip me around town. It appears that we will need to pay attention, but you do not actually have to drive. I’m a really good back-seat driver so this could work out exceptionally well. Now what makes this extra crazy is that I read in another story that the robot car only had one accident within X miles and that was due to another car rear-ending the Google Car!

I think this Google Car has some implications for search, because imagine if this idea comes to fruition you can input your destination into the interface and imagine how many ads and ‘detour’s Google’s car can make past local advertisers to maximize their advertising dollars.