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Using Balance to Create High-Converting Landing Pages

There’s a single word that drives the creation of landing pages that transform curious visitors into promising leads: balance. Many marketers will tell you to lean toward one extreme or the other; create dazzling landing page designs that tantalize prospective customers, or lay out solid backgrounds with contrasting elements in simple shapes.

But if you want to create effective, high-converting landing pages, you have to strike a balance throughout every element of your page. Oversimplify and you’ll lose the attention of your potential leads. Oversaturate and you’ll shock their senses and send them to your competition.

Balance. Apply it to your design, your copy, and your form. A tight balance allows you to appeal to and convert the largest audience in your field or industry and win their affection, loyalty, and business.

Landing Page Optimization and Best Practices

Apply a balance to the tried-and-true landing page optimization techniques you already know.

Have a Single Purpose and Message

You have a product or service to sell and an audience that wants it. Tell them what you sell, how they can use it, and how to get it now.

Present information succinctly and ensure that all elements on the page align with the overall concept.

game over video games website landing page

Game Over Video Games has a neatly drawn and themed landing page.

How to Balance:

  • Make sure each sentence that explains your product or service is short enough to read quickly but long enough to be useful
  • Include bright, colorful, and clean pictures, but make sure that they do not stray from the purpose of the page

Write Your Headers to Match Visitor Searches

Every part of what your company offers should align with the product or service for which your landing page visitors have been searching. Landing page best practices dictate that your landing page’s headlines have to match the ad to achieve a high rank and plenty of potential customers.

However, your headlines don’t have to match your ad copy exactly. Make sure that the concept of your page aligns with the headline on your ad and the Heading 1 on your page.

cellsavers adwords ad

cellsavers simple copy

CellSavers starts their AdWords ad and landing page with their service and the name of the local area.

How to Balance:

  • Remove filler words wherever possible, but don’t be afraid to make sure that your headlines sound like real language
  • Squeeze clever copy into keyword-focused headings to appeal to users and search engines simultaneously

Provide an Offer or Guarantee

If customers don’t know what your product or service is, how to use it, or what it can provide, then there’s no incentive to type even a single letter into a contact form. Give them a reason to try your product and make that reason better than what your competition offers.


SeeSo offers a free trial and a very affordable monthly price.

How to Balance:

  • Don’t just give away your product or service, but offer a free or discounted trial
  • Show your product used in context through relevant and clean videos or photos

Design with Space

It’s too easy for customers to start feeling claustrophobic on a landing page. Leave plenty of space around every element, including pictures and text, to keep visitor stress levels low. The less your visitors have to think, the more likely they are to convert.


Maingear allows a good deal of padding around their text and pictures.

How to Balance:

  • Use short copy in large font to separate messages while making them stand out
  • Keep the number of objects in images low, especially in the background image if you use one

Build Trust with Customer Logos and Testimonials

Real words backed by real faces of real people demand attention. 88% of people trust online reviews as if they were the word of people they personally know. Put your trust builders somewhere accessible, but not front and center.

client logos on velocify landing page

Velocify displays recognizable customer logos in white.

How to Balance:

  • Include a single testimonial or slider if your testimonials are long. Include two or three if they are short.
  • Pick your top five most well-known client logos and display them toward the bottom of the fold or below.

Apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The best converting landing pages are user-focused, but you still have to bring in visitors from a search engine. Google AdWords is software, and it relies on landing page optimization using SEO best practices to find the most relevant landing pages.


Competitive Cyclist uses keywords – ride, fast, versatile, all-road, bikes – to make sure customers get what they want.

How to Balance:

  • Like all content, avoid keyword stuffing and don’t stretch out landing page content to include additional keywords
  • Keep code and animations to a minimum and optimize load times

Best Landing Page Designs – Examples

Landing page optimization is tough to spot when designers and copywriters have executed it correctly. The result of skilled optimization is a page that fulfills needs without letting the consumer know that it does so.

Above the Fold

High-converting landing pages do most of their work above the fold. As soon as the page appears on screen, the landing page should address most of the customer’s questions and concerns.


maingear landing page above the fold

The Maingear landing page hits an incredibly thorough balance across landing page best practices.

  • All Maingear computer products are presented by category with high-contrast buttons and sharp, colorful photos
  • There is plenty of space between and around elements
  • Navigation provides SEO and usability
  • Offers are clear and all sliders point to relevant products


customink landing page above the fold

The CustomInk landing page also delivers straightforward usability and SEO friendliness.

  • Users can see the products in context
  • Copy succinctly states the service and its capabilities
  • Customer questions are quickly answered below the slider
  • Start Now button is easy to find and states what comes next

The Whole Page

Plenty of customers make a judgment based solely on what appears above the fold, but smart shoppers who like to be informed still make up a large percent of potential buyers. Skeptical and careful consumers will scroll below the fold to find out more about your product or service, which will give you even greater opportunities to bring in loyal customers.

Below are some of the best and most effective full landing page designs in the market.


Bombfell is a monthly men’s clothing subscription box, but you don’t have to read it here to find that information. The landing page creates an easy-open gateway to Bombfell’s services.

  • Copy tells you how the service works, and the photo tells you the rest.
  • Bright green Get Started button calls you to action immediately.
  • Page provides additional information with white and grey backgrounds
  • Sentences that provide information are kept short
  • Information on how the service works is provided by an actual employee
  • Testimonials are from customers who took and provided personal photos
  • Expectations are set firmly just above an additional CTA button
  • Client logos are presented at the bottom with subtlety
bombfell full landing page


Codecademy is a comprehensive, free online classroom that teaches amateur programs how to use today’s most well-sought programming languages. Their landing page is the picture of balance.

  • Color scheme is minimal but still bright and easy to read
  • Form is short and immediately available
  • Copy is straightforward and appealing
  • Testimonials are quickly available and come in multiple formats
  • Navigation is available, but the focus is on converting
codecademy landing page full


Barkbox provides customers with monthly offerings of dog treats and toys for their best animal friends. Make your way to their landing page and you’re treated with an uplifting message with two easily recognizable CTAs, an offer, and an adorable and brilliant photo. It’s easy to figure out what the company offers and how they offer it based solely on the elements on the landing page.

  • Sections of the page alternate colors and bring focus to the photos
  • Photos demonstrate in a basic but relatable way how you receive and use the product
  • Examples of the product are provided with context
  • Information is minimal but dense and informative
  • CTAs and buttons are numerous and conveniently placed
barkbox landing page full

High-Converting, Effective Landing Pages

Of course there’s no best landing page design, but there are best practices for landing page optimization that will give you an undeniable advantage over your competition. Balance your landing page elements and give the customer what he or she wants – fast.

Part of balancing is A/B testing. Always test your landing pages to constantly optimize.

Every marketer and business owner is always chasing more leads, but they may or may not realize that the chase actually helps improve experiences for online consumers all over the world. When you put time and effort into crafting seamless customer experiences on your landing pages, you’re lending a hand to the improvement of the entire online experience for the modern world – and that’s motivation enough to make the best landing pages you possibly can.

TL;DR – It’s not enough to follow best practices for landing page optimization if you want to piece together high-converting landing pages. You’ll need to take those best practices and find a balance between what’s right and what’s awesome. You can do so by designing pages that are easy to read, SEO-friendly, and get straight to the point. Test those pages to find out what’s working and throw out what isn’t. You’ll make the Internet a better place.

The digital marketing wizards at Leverage Marketing carefully piece easily accessible, brand-voiced landing pages together for our clients. We know how to convert visitors into leads and leads into customers, and we’d love to do the same for you. Ask us how and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to make sure you never miss our grand bits of marketing wisdom!

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