What does it take to have a successful search engine optimization campaign?

Starting the second Friday in January (the 8th) will be a series of Friday postings on the considerations one should go through to achieve success with search engine optimization. Whether you’re new to running a website, know enough to be dangerous, or are a seasoned veteran, I’m aiming to provide you with useful information that will help you achieve success with search engine optimization.

Here’s the brief game plan:

Jan 8th Determining goals and when to expect to achieve them

Jan 15th Determining and recording baselines

Jan 22nd The numbers game: choosing keywords for success

Jan 29th PPC & SEO better pair than peanut butter and jelly?

Feb 5th What the competitive landscape tells us

Feb 12th How to get the most out of your content

Feb 19th Outside looking in: what other sites say about you

Feb 26th Reviewing progress and measuring success

Mar 5th Addressing conversion issues | Website optimization

Mar 12th Am I done with SEO? The next steps

This series is roughly in order of priority from start to finish (hint: it is never finished!) but of course no two campaigns are exactly the same and the steps will differ depending on a lot of factors. No worries, many of these factors will be discussed throughout.

Feel free to bookmark this page and come back in the New Year as links to the new posts will be added on a weekly basis.